Divine Will

“The Gift of Living in the Divine Will” is the name for the Grace of All Graces – the Crown and Completion of All Sanctity.

It is the grace of living in the same state of sanctity as Adam and Eve possessed before the Fall, as the Virgin Mary possessed since the moment of her Immaculate Conception (although even within this state no one can never come close to the Sovereign Queen’s holiness), and as all of the Blessed in Heaven possess as they eternally enjoy the Beatific Vision.

God has revealed to many Catholic mystics of the 20th century (including St. Faustina, Bl. Dina Bélanger, Blessed Conchita, and others), but above all to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, that the time has now come for this Gift to be received even by those souls still on earth, who are in God’s grace, by way of and in preparation for the imminent total fulfillment of the Our Father in which the Son of God prayed Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

The Church, too, having prayed this petition for two thousand years at the command of her Founder, has arrived at the time where it is to truly be accomplished in her. In a word, this accomplishment is the Third Fiat of God (third to Creation and Redemption), namely, the Fiat of Sanctification or the Reign of the Divine Will on Earth.  

How is the Gift received? Simply by knowing what it is, desiring it, and asking for it. To this end, please do not miss a moment in taking these steps, which are explained to various degrees of detail in the following resources:

This eight page pamphlet by Hugh Owen gives a good brief introduction to the Divine Will

My free Ebook, the Crown of Sanctity, goes into more detail. Click the link on the right hand side bar of this website.


Fr Iannuzzi’s Divine Will Prayer Book is the perfect first go-to item to really dive into these revelations. This particular PDF contains two complete works of Luisa’s: The Hours of the Passion and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Both of these works are free to be openly disseminated, as the Moratorium on their publication has been formally lifted. 


Fr Iannuzzi’s Doctoral Dissertation on Luisa’s revelations is a must-read for anyone who really wants to delve deeply into the theology of the revelations. 


St. Faustina’s Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul, is a fully approved mystical revelation that serves as a great starting point.


This video of a retreat given by Fr. Iannuzzi gives a great introduction to the Divine Will 

Fr. Robert Young gives great talks on the Divine Will every week


The Divine Will Missionaries of Mercy is an apostolate inspired by the Divine Will and Divine Mercy revelations to bring the graces of this Gift out into the world


Saints in the Divine Will is a book written by a priest, fully approved by the Archbishop of Luisa’s home diocese. 

Luisa Piccarreta’s biography by Fr Bucci, the last living priest to have known Luisa personally.


This consecration prayer was written by Luisa herself, at the request of St. Hannibal, her spiritual director. Praying it each day is a beautiful way to begin to live in the Divine Will.

You can find more resources at this wonderful website: http://www.queenofthedivinewill.org/


(Please know, dear friends, that I am not a teacher of the Divine Will. I am nothing but a fellow student; a student who has studied and prayed it for several years; a student whom God has called to invite and introduce others into the Divine Will as well as theologically defend the basics of it. Beyond that — when you seek a teacher to really help you delve into the depths of the Divine Will and become truly advanced in it — I am radically inadequate.)