Daily Mass Aid

The Magnificat (R) is an excellent resource for those who would like to have convenient access to the readings for Holy Mass each day – however for those who cannot afford the $45 a year or $6 an issue, I have compiled this PDF Daily Mass Aid for $1 for a month’s worth of readings.  Of course you will also have the cost of 30 text pages worth of ink&paper, but this is minimal and likely does not even amount to one additional dollar.

Click “Buy Now” to securely process your one-dollar payment through Paypal (I never see your card information), which will give you access to the PDF file containing the printout.  It is sized to work with any standard printer, and all you need to view the file (you probably already have this), is the free Adobe PDF Reader.  Feel free to email me (DSDOConnor@gmail.com) if there are any problems whatsoever.

The file contains each reading for each day of the month, indications of the Saint of the day, a reflection on the readings written by me, and sometimes artwork.  Each day’s readings were individually formatted to fit conveniently on one standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, and in such a way as to permit you to fold it in half – once vertically and once horizontally – so that you may easily fit it in your pocket before you head off to Mass.

Click to see an example page taken from the December Daily Mass Aid:

PDF of Daily Mass Aid Example


December 2011 Daily Mass Aid

*You will automatically be emailed a link to download the purchased file, after the purchase is completed, to the email address that you use as you are purchasing

Buy Now$1

Copyright 2011 Daniel O’Connor.  All Rights Reserved.  Please do not copy and/or digitally distribute this file to friends once you have bought it.  Instead give the link to this website (http://www.DSDOConnor.com) so that others may purchase it for themselves!  Writing the reflections was much work, as was compiling and formatting, and I will be depending upon some income from this (supplementing my construction work) to pay for tuition to continue my theological studies.  Thank you very much and God bless.           

January 2012 Daily Mass Aid

Free Download (due to there being no Reflections on this month’s Daily Mass Aid)


February 2012 Daily Mass Aid

Coming soon!  (Check back here in late January)

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