Against Priests for Life’s Tactics: The Ends do NOT Justify the Means. Do not give them a penny.

I truly hate to have to write this, given the great good that this organization has done for the cause of life. But I must, for today came the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Priests for Life has been sending me extremely deceiving letters for years (despite my pleas that they stop mailing me things). The intent is to fool you into opening them and then have you feel guilted into donating money to Priests for Life. Here is the letter I received today:

Priests for Life Letter

I do not understand how such dedicated (and Catholic) pro-lifers can believe that this type of thing is justifiable.  There are a few pathetic attempts at justifying their tactics contained within this letter – attempts that Priests for Life is well aware are ridiculous- (for example “I hope the ‘warning’ on the envelope did not alarm you. It was not aimed at you… but rather at the U.S. Postal Service!“); for this is just the latest effort in years of deceptive mailings, and the USPS does not need scare tactics used against it in order to deliver the mail (another thing that Priests for Life and Fr. Pavone are fully aware of.)

Father Pavone: why are you permitting this? How is it that a priest of God succumbs to thinking that such tactics are acceptable? This is precisely the worldliness that our Holy Father is constantly calling out for its demonically-inspired nature. This is what gives the pro-life movement a bad name. 

Marketing experts suggesting the use of a strategy does not make it okay.

I beseech you to end this.

I beseech Catholics and pro-lifers to find better places to donate their money; groups that will fight for good causes without ever forgetting the weightier things: justice, honesty, charity, integrity. I beseech you not to send them a penny until they publicly apologize for all such tactics and promise a complete end to them. If and when that happens, I will also delete this post.