The Warning is coming very soon. Don’t believe CNN when, afterwards, they try to dismiss it with this argument

The Warning is coming very soon. Just today, we saw an announcement regarding the single most significant sign of its imminence – the sign that “Warning watchers” have, for decades, been keeping an eye out for. The Pope just announced his willingness to go to Moscow

Pope Moscow

Before saying anything else, let me issue my usual exhortation: do you want to be as ready as possible for the Warning? Then Live in the Divine Will. Knowing about the Warning is much less important than being ready for it.

Now, this announcement of the trip isn’t merely an expression of willingness. According to Reuters, Pope Francis also said “a top Russian Orthodox official was expected in Rome next week to decide the time and location of the meeting.” So this will likely happen quite soon, extraordinary as it would be (no Pope has ever visited Russia, much less Moscow.). This is a huge sign of the imminence of the Warning, since the Garabandal visionary, Conchita, said:

“The Pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, the hostilities [which will immediately precede the Warning] will break out in different parts of Europe.”

Now, the other big sign of the imminence of the Warning is “Communism coming again,” which Conchita also said indicates when the Warning will be. That, of course,  is exactly what has happened the last two years with the world’s response to Coronavirus. So a Papal trip to Moscow is really all that remains, and that is evidently about to happen. 

When the Warning does come, we can rest assured that most of our overlords who run the mainstream narrative will hasten to immediately thereafter attempt to explain it away with an avalanche of pseudoscience. As I feel fairly confident about at least one type of argument they might use, I’d like to refute it, here and now, before they even proffer it, in hopes that if and when they do, people will remember this post. This post has been on my ‘to write” list for many years (I even began writing it several years ago); but I’m quite glad I procrastinated, as the fact that I am publishing it now– so very near to the occurrence of the Warning–will help it stay fresh in people’s memory once that Great Event transpires. 

So it is my hope that this post will spread far and wide; the more people who hear the refutation now, before The Warning, the better. For when a certain bad argument is refuted before it is even made, it is much less likely to gain a foothold than if it is only refuted afterwards! 

The Warning, we know from a number of prophecies, will be accompanied by some sort of celestial phenomena. Perhaps it is even what is described in St. Faustina’s Diary, wherein she describes the Cross being visible in the sky, with beams of light emanating from the nail holes. Or, perhaps it will be more like what the Garabandal visionaries described; something “like two stars colliding.” Whatever it is, it may be precisely this phenomena that will be leveraged by the secularists, after the Warning, to explain it away.

[[An aside: Some may then wonder, “Why would God allow such a phenomena if the worldly will simply use it to try to explain away the Warning?” The answer is that, so long as we are on this side of the grave, our free-will is so very respected by God that there will never be so many doors closed to the incredulity of the scoffers that it will ever be impossible for them to conjure up a reason to deny Christ’s intervention in the world. And, by scoffers, I am not merely referring to the secularists. I am also referring to those “professional Catholics” who now ridicule the Warning before its occurrence. For many of them will do the exact same thing even after it. Habits die hard. As Jesus said in the Gospel: “To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parables; so that they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand; lest they should turn again, and be forgiven.” (Mark 4:11,12) Difficult as it is for some to hear that, those are Christ’s words, not mine. It would not be challenging for God to utterly and immediately prove Himself and His interventions to every soul alive. He does not do so for a reason – because by doing so, all merit in Faith is removed, and the very purpose of this life – which is to merit, for Heaven, by Faith – is thereby thwarted. Even the Warning – the greatest act of mercy in history – will come with a “way out,” for those who are so stubborn in their self-wills that, even after its occurrence, they will only want to find a rationalization to remain mired in their favorite sins and errors. ]]

Therefore, as extraordinary as the Warning will be, we should not expect the various phenomena associated with it to do all the work for us in convincing the world of its authenticity. Remember that, even with the Warning, most people will, sadly, apostatize once the Antichrist makes his entrance shortly after. So we will have much work to do to strive to minimize, as much as possible, the ranks of those who will join the man of sin. Above all, we must evangelize like never before even now, before the Warning, to as much as possible prepare people for it, and we must be ready to evangelize like never before in history in the weeks following the Warning. But we should also have answers to those who will try to explain away the Warning.

Here’s the gist of what we’ll likely hear from the mainstream narrative in the days following the Warning. Obviously I have no crystal ball, so I’m speculating on these details – you won’t hear exactly this! – but you’ll likely hear fundamentally similar things – if not from deGrasse Tyson, then from someone like him.

(In case anyone is just skimming, I better here put this is in bold red type: the “article” below is not real!)

CNN Tyson 1

CNN Tyson 2

CNN Tyson 3

So there’s the gist of one method they might use to explain away the Warning. Now, let’s refute it.

First of all, this is a classic category fallacy. No one may ever tell you that a subjective appreciation of an event you experienced was actually without value due to an objective description (even if accurate!) of the externals associated with it. For example: suppose that, during a geometry lesson, you carefully follow each thing your teacher says when he is presenting the Pythagorean Theorem to you; so much so that you actually interiorly realize with absolute certainty – entirely on your own and outside of any need to trust your teacher – that the Pythagorean Theorem is true. That conviction you now have – indeed, a certain conviction – is in no way liable to being explained away by (let’s say) some neuroscientist who, analyzing the various brainwaves going on in your head at the time, argues that you were not in full possession of your mental faculties during that lesson and you should not trust any conclusions you came to. For, in fact, certainty is certainty is certainty. The end.

Indeed, the convictions you acquire during the Warning will of course be fundamentally different from mathematical truths, but they will be no less certain. You must never, ever, ever, allow anyone to tell you – no matter how many PhDs he has – that you must actually question or even reject something that you know, and that you know that you know. This scientist’s assessments in no way so much as touch upon the subjective disposition of certainty that you have in your God-given intellect; which is a spiritual reality made in the very Image of God and whose operations cannot possibly be explained by neuroscientific descriptions. 

Secondly, as I explained at great length here and therefore will not bore you with again – it is absolutely and fundamentally impossible for the actual content of thoughts/memories to be generated by any material phenomenon whatsoever. If it’s in your mind, there are only three possible ways it got there: 1) From your senses (which, by Divine Decree, are the only material realities that have direct access to the human mind/soul – indeed, the senses are our Five Perennial Miracles), 2) From your mind working on something it already knew (e.g. deducing things/logical thinking in general – or dreams, which, though often quite weird, only work off of things we already have in our minds), or 3) From God Himself. Absolutely nothing (in fact, not even the devil!), other than you and God, has direct access to your mind. Don’t ever question the contents of your mind on account of some wild theory that it may have just been “put there by an electromagnetic wave.” It is precisely these theories that will be part and parcel to rejecting the Warning in the days after its occurrence, which is one of the main reasons why I have for so long insisted so strongly on this point. What goes on in your mind during the Warning was put there by God. It is that simple. 

Thirdly, there is no cosmic ray we know of – nor is there any cosmic ray that is even theoretically possible – which is capable of affecting everyone on the earth, 1) To the exact same degree, and 2) At the exact same time. Yet, this is how the Warning will happen: all souls on earth will, simultaneously, experience it with the same degree of force. If the Warning could be explained away by some cosmic phenomenon, then it would have had to be an event that either 1) Only affected those living on the side of the earth facing the phenomenon at the given time, or 2) Only affected those throughout the earth over the course of 12 hours, wherein the earth had sufficient time to rotate enough to expose all people to the direction facing the cosmic event.

One may protest “but the cosmic ray was so high energy that it penetrated the entire earth and therefore was capable of hitting everyone’s brain at essentially the same moment.” This is not reasonable to assert. If the ray was of a sort as to be so unaffected by matter that it could pass through the entire earth – even thousands of miles of solid rock – then our own brains and glands would likewise be entirely unaffected by it. If, on the other hand, it was a type of ray that interacted more with solid matter, then it either would not make it through the earth, or would at least be drastically weakened (which would also drastically weaken its effects so much as to be entirely negligible) on the side of the earth not facing the cosmic event from which the rays proceeded.  Neither will be the case during the Warning. 

Perhaps in the coming days I’ll do more refutation of the refutation before the Warning. I certainly have more theories about arguments they’ll use to explain it away, and I’ve got refutations for those arguments also! But for now, these three points should be more than enough to reassure thoughtful people that the Warning cannot possibly be explained away by the pseudoscience that will be poured out in torrents in the days following it.

Addendum on “Planes Stopping Mid-air”:

One phenomena often discussed as happening along with the Warning is the notion of “everything freezing” or “time stopping.” I do not think this means what some people take it to mean. As I explained here, time doesn’t really exist, strictly speaking. So speaking of time “stopping” does not make sense. Motion can stop, whereupon “time,” which is nothing but the measure of motion, will seem to stop for the thing in question that is not moving. But not even that will need to literally happen during the Warning.

Upon the moment of the Warning, everyone’s awareness will be instantaneously elevated to the supernatural realm, wherein the notion of physical time is more or less meaningless. Just look at what people have said about near death experiences, and the sheer magnitude of what they can experience in a mere moment of earthly time. The Warning might “feel” like 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes might have nothing to do with how 15 minutes would be measured on earth (which merely means 1% of the earth’s daily rotation). Sure, “everything will stop,” but only in the sense that our spiritual awareness will be operating at an infinite “speed,” for “15 minutes,” in relation to all physical motions in the material universe. There will be no need for physical motion to literally stop, and then immediately resume its prior motion after the Warning. When people speak of “planes stopping midair” during the Warning, this is not a description of a physical phenomenon, but only a description of what the physical universe would look like in relation to the infinite dynamism of the spiritual realm. (Many scoffers even now dismiss the Warning precisely because they cannot fathom the notion of a plane stopping midair; I hope this paragraph puts that scoffing to rest as well.)

Shortly after the Warning, the Mark of the Beast will be instituted. I’ve got some more to say about that, but I’ll save that for a later post. Stay tuned and subscribe here at with your email address if you’d like to be kept in the loop.