St. Joseph, Katechon, and What the Conclusion of the Present Holy Year Might Portend

I had completely forgotten something when, in my previous post, I published for your discernment the last alleged prophetic message of Fr. Michel Rodrigue. A message which, in brief, indicates that St. Joseph himself is the Restrainer, or “Katechon,” spoken of in Scripture (2 Thessalonians), who holds back the power of the Antichrist, and whose being “taken away” allows the antichrist to emerge. A message which moreover proposes that this removal will coincide with the conclusion of the Year of St. Joseph on December 8th, 2021 – a conclusion which will itself open the door for the commencement of the Great Chastisements, but which, more importantly, “begins the beginning” of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Era of Peace.

Adoration on December 8 2020 at St Josephs

(A picture I took while attending adoration and Benediction at St. Joseph’s Church, at midnight as December 8th, 2020, became December 9th)

(Before sharing what I had forgotten and continuing with this post, three side notes are in order. 1) What I present here is not a prediction or a prophecy, but only a speculative exploration of a prophetic possibility. Take it as you will or leave it; as always with such speculations, I only write it as a means to further inflame your zeal for engaging in the mission – as usual, summarized at the bottom of this post – on account of the potentially very limited time remaining for its execution, and I certainly have no timetabled prediction or knowledge of the future to give you on my own authority. All I am certain of, in that regard, is that Chastisements are coming “soon” and that the Era of Peace will follow them. 2) For new readers, I should add that I’m well aware of the controversy surrounding Fr. Michel. For my part, I’m convinced neither that his messages are authentic nor that they are inauthentic; I just think they are worth considering and sharing. I addressed the most popular criticism of Fr. Michel here, and Countdown to the Kingdom addressed others here and elsewhere. If Fr. Michel’s messages are ever formally condemned (that is, if a canonical “constat de non supernaturalitate” is issued), then I will immediately obey, and no longer publish any of them. The critics who denounce me as disobedient, therefore, are just playing stupid. They know exactly what a formal condemnation is, and they know one hasn’t been issued in Fr. Michel’s case, but, true to form, they never miss an opportunity to pounce. 3) When Fr. Michel’s message says that Joseph “took Mary into his wife’s home,” I am confident this is supposed to mean “Joseph took Mary, his wife, into his home” or “Joseph took Mary into her home.” Remember that English is not Fr. Michel’s native language; I am sure he struggled to accurately translate the message he received [doubtless in his native French]. Though not a dogma, it is nevertheless a fact that Joseph always was absolutely celibate, had no wife before or other than Mary, and never had any biological children.)

What I had completely forgotten was the post I published immediately after the opening of the Year of St. Joseph, on December 9th, 2020, “Something Changed Yesterday,” in which I wrote:

Last Years Post
After I wrote that post, I received an outpouring of letters from people who confirmed precisely the same thing: people sharing that they, too, had felt a new outpouring of grace into their souls that very day; and I even heard from more people (beyond the two mentioned above, that is) who also began receiving Heavenly messages that day! 

This recognition, which I assure you was entirely absent from my mind as I wrote my last post, is a confirmation for me of the possibility of Fr. Michel’s message (regarding the conclusion of the Year of St. Joseph) entailing great prophetic significance, and it inspires me to delve more deeply into the matter here.

Indeed, I remember that day almost one year ago like it was yesterday. I was speaking the truth in that post when I said that at that moment – at Benediction at the Church of St. Joseph – on December 8th, 2020, I felt something change. I felt some new and massive outpouring of Heavenly grace. It now makes perfect sense for me to interpret that in light of this Year of St. Joseph entailing the final extension in the Time of Mercy; the time of the Restrainer – Joseph – preventing the Antichrist from arising. 

Since my last post, people have reached out to me with all sorts of thoughts on the restrainer, or “Katechon” of 2 Thessalonians:

Isn’t it the Holy Spirit? Isn’t it the Pope? Isn’t it the Pope Emeritus? Isn’t it Our Lady? Isn’t it the Church itself? Isn’t it the “Roman Empire”? Isn’t it Donald Trump? [No!] Isn’t it St. Michael?

Perhaps the answer to each question above is “Yes!” (Well, all but one!)

But I don’t think we should get caught up in insisting upon seeing contradictions where none need exist. A single theme in Scripture can indeed have multiple valid interpretations, so long as the Magisterium of the Church does not condemn them. As no Magisterium exists definitively settling who/what exactly the Katechon is and excluding other interpretations, we are free to remain open to these and other possibilities – indeed, we must remain open, for we should not be surprised at the possibility of God saving the revelation of one very important understanding of the Katechon for our own times. 

St. Joseph is appearing to me more and more as an ideal candidate for a, or the, Katechon.

He is the Patron of the Universal Church! He is the Terror of Demons! He is the Spouse of Mary; herself the Spouse of the Holy Spirit! He is, as Jesus tells Luisa, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Who but him would make sense as the ideal Restrainer? It was precisely St. Joseph who protected Jesus and Mary from the antichrists of their day (Herod, etc.). It was precisely St. Joseph who, during the years of Jesus’ hidden life, would never allow any harm to touch his Divine foster son. Why, therefore, would it be otherwise for the Church in general?

In the life of Our Lord Himself, St. Joseph had to be removed from the picture before Christ’s own Passion could take place. The Passion of the Christ, of course, was Willed by God, therefore it was necessary, but it could not have happened if Jesus’ own foster Father was in the picture. I remember a very holy priest once sharing with me that dear St. Joseph simply wouldn’t have let it happen – he would have done whatever it took to protect his son. Joseph was so unbelievably holy that God would have been “forced,” as it were, to bless his efforts. Joseph would have made Samson’s single-handed slaying of 1,000 soldiers look like child’s play, and no legion of Roman or Jewish militants would have been able to lay a hand on the Lord.

So too, therefore, in the life of the Church – which, we know, must follow the life of Christ – St. Joseph’s protection has to be “removed” in a similar sense. (I want to reiterate what I said in my last post: in the most important sense, St. Joseph will never be “removed;” he’ll always be there for us. I am only here considering the possibility that his special protection during the year dedicated to him will be removed). 

2021 Suddenly Making Sense

I must confess that, when I wrote my initial “Infrastructure of the Antichrist” post in May 2020, it seemed to me then that this Infrastructure was only several months away from completion, which would itself allow for the immediate public entrance of the Antichrist thereafter. (And I updated that post here, showing that, in 2021, the same Infrastructure had not diminished, but had only become even more widespread.), 

So it is almost surprising that no potential Antichrist candidates have entered the world scene during these 10 months of 2021, considering how much global circumstances have, this whole time, practically begged for his unveiling. But his inability to do so makes perfect sense if, indeed, St. Joseph is the, or a, Katechon, preventing the Antichrist’s reign during the Holy Year dedicated to his honor.

In sum: To one who asks “What is the Antichrist waiting for?!” This year of St. Joseph could perhaps provide the answer: “He isn’t waiting. He’s simply being restrained… but not for much longer”

The ecclesial oddities surrounding the proclamation of the Year of St. Joseph also subtly testify to its potential prophetic significance. 

I needn’t repeat here the details of how the Vatican  has, for the most part it seems, committed blunder after blunder recently. But this exception to that trend – this wonderful proclamation of the Year of St. Joseph –  seems to have been more or less directly from Heaven, only employing the machinery of the Vatican as minimally as possible in order to render it valid. As Fr. Raymond de Souza, writing for the National Catholic Register, pointed out: 


I wonder if, in the history of the Church, there has ever been another case wherein a Holy Year was already in progress before anyone even knew it existed?

It is as if Heaven is saying to the Vatican Bureaucracy:

 “We’ll take care of the graces associated with this one. Please, just try not to get in the way too much this time.”

Now, if indeed it is true that the Restrainer will be lifted on December 8th, 2021 (again, pure speculation here, no predictions/assertions/prophecies from me!), here are some things we might just see shortly thereafter (along with, perhaps, increasing preparations/rumblings of the same in the weeks before):

(The links provided are to the webcasts Mark Mallett and I did on each corresponding phase in the Chastisements)

  • Financial and economic collapse, leading to social collapse
  • Natural disasters the likes of which the world has never seen – including many that will be impossible to blame on so-called “climate change” (e.g. solar flares, asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis)
  • The Warning
  • Suppression of the Mass and Sacraments, persecution of the Faithful
  • Extreme turmoil in the Vatican. Martyrdom of Francis and Benedict, and the installation of an antipope who may be the false prophet himself. 
  • Global violent conflict of a “World War 3” caliber that enables the entrance of a One World ruler – who will wind up being the Antichrist
  • The institution of a one world digital currency, which will be tied to some sort of mandatory chip, itself required for any financial transaction. Persecution of whoever will not take this chip – for, you guessed it, it will be the Mark of the Beast, and we must prefer death to this Mark. 
  • Massive promotion of diabolical deceptions (including many of those warned against here), along with mandatory acquiescence to the lies contained therein.

So get your spiritual house in order, and buckle your seat belts. Because this particular prophecy and speculation aside, one thing is certain: God will not much longer tolerate this. 

He will not much longer tolerate His faithful being locked out of Churches, out of the Mass, out of the Sacraments, due to Covid’s existence or due to being “unvaccinated.” He is not much longer going to tolerate children being indoctrinated with the LGBT agenda – no longer just by relatively fringe groups, but by the most temporally powerful entities on earth. He is not much longer going to tolerate the unborn being slaughtered, and the “Catholic” president of the world’s most powerful country vociferously advocating for this genocide. He is not much longer going to tolerate such rampant doctrinal confusion in the Church. He is not much longer going to tolerate Christians being slaughtered by Islamic Terrorists in Asia and Africa. He is not much longer going to tolerate the emergence of Global Communism through the Great Reset Covid agenda that is already largely in place throughout the world. He is, in a word, not much longer going to extend the Time of Mercy.

So maybe it’s all nothing. Maybe the Year of St. Joseph is/was just a normal year, the opening months of 2022 will be uneventful, and Fr. Michel’s message was just an elaborate pious themed dream. Or, maybe, this is it

Let’s be spiritually ready, in case it is the latter. Therefore:


And, if you can reasonably manage it, consider being a bit physically ready too: get a bunch of white rice, peanut butter, 88 cent gallon water jugs, enough spare gasoline to fill your car’s tank, a way to cook some food without utilities, and enough winter clothing to stay warm without utilities (hint: thrift store!). Prophecy aside, global supply chains are already in crisis, and things look like they’ll only get worse. Have an oil or propane tank at home? You might want to fill it up. Heat your house with wood or pellets? Now might be a good time to get your supply ready. Do more if you like and feel called to (above all with the intent of helping others who are in need), but that’s a good baseline. And if God is prompting you to not concern yourself with any such preparations, then don’t concern yourself with any such preparations. His Will alone is our refuge, and as I’ve said many times before, someone living in an apartment in a big city with no room for supplies and no time for preparations, but who nevertheless trusts God, is infinitely safer than a self-trusting billionaire living in a well-stocked bunker in the middle of nowhere.