Pope Francis Corrects His Own Defenders; Admits that Naked Paganism Has Entered the Church in Rome. (Now would be a good time to wake up)

I apologize for yet another post so soon (longtime subscribers know how uncharacteristic this is of me), but a brief retraction is necessary. Those who read my last post may recall that, within it, I speculated that Pope Francis himself may be most pleased of all that those idols were cast into the Tiber. Well, I stand corrected by reality. For he has just made a public apology for the very act.

But that is not what is most significant here; the real news is that, within the same announcement, he admitted that the statues were indeed of the Pagan “goddess” Pachamama. Here are Pope Francis’ own words, taken from the Vatican’s official news site:

Those who followed the debate this week will recall that the usual defend-everything-the-Vatican-does-no-matter-what crowd focused all their efforts on attempting to prove that the statues weren’t of Pachamama, but were merely innocuous symbols of life and fertility. They attempted to “flood Twitter” with all sorts of examples of symbolic statues in Catholic churches that allegedly proved their (now proven erroneous) argument. Because Pachamama is — as a matter of objective and indisputable fact — a Pagan “goddess.” Look it up yourself. Now, Pope Francis has said that the statues were there “without idolatrous intentions.” Fair enough. I said the same thing in my last post:

I’m guessing those who brought [the statues] are, like many Catholics today, good people who are simply clueless and do not realize that syncretism is a heresy and a sin, and do not realize what demons they are inviting in by their actions. (It has long been observed that many indigenous South American Catholics have not left their Paganism to become Catholic, but have simply mixed the two together). My point here is only to say that this is a major sign of the times, not merely by accident brought into light publicly … For discerning Catholics would do well to pay close attention when naked Paganism (pun intended) pierces its way into the very heart of Christendom.

The intention of the evidently clueless Catholics who placed the statues there matters for naught — the objective reality at hand, which has now been settled, is what matters. Pope Francis has, furthermore, proclaimed that the idols were recovered by police and may just be displayed at the closing Mass of the Synod in St. Peter’s Basilica itself.  God, help us. No, I do not think this is the fulfillment of Matthew 24:15 just yet… but I do think it is a forerunner; one that indicates that the Abomination of Desolation itself is very, very near:

In the following verses, Jesus goes on to speak of the signs of His coming that will immediately follow the aforementioned sacrilege.

I am glad I did not wait any longer to publish The Crown of History. It looks like we may be even closer than I thought to the events described therein. I am going to try, therefore, to take my own advice and refrain from further commentary, as I have already said what needs to be said regarding the times at hand in that book and in The Crown of Sanctity.

Pray for me and be assured of my daily prayers for you all

In Christ, through Mary,